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Episode 65 – Masonic Idols

This week, the panelists take a tongue-in-cheek approach to talking about their favorite Masonic Idol. Try to guess each host’s biggest Masonic influence and learn a thing or two along the way! Image Credit:…


Episode 64 – Costs and Benefits

We’ve all heard the phrase “you get what you pay for.” But does it ring true for Masonic education? This week, the hosts of The Masonic Roundtable perform a cost-benefit analysis of Masonic education…


Episode 63 – Alcohol & Masonry

In 1717, Masonry stepped out into the open in various taverns across Europe. This week, the hosts of The Masonic Roundtable discuss Masonry’s humble tavern beginnings, the use of alcohol (or lack thereof) in…


Episode 62 – Enlightenment Philosophy

It is widely known that many of the tenets of Freemasonry grew out of the Age of Enlightenment. This week, the hosts of the Masonic Roundtable discuss the Age of Enlightenment, its key philosophers,…


Episode 61 – Royal Arch Masonry

This show is going to be fantastic! The hosts of The Masonic Roundtable welcome special guest Most Excellent Don McAndrews, Grand High Priest of Royal Arch Masons in Virginia, to discuss the intersection of…


Episode 60 – One-Day Conferrals

This week, the hosts of The Masonic Roundtable are joined by special guest Adam T. Osman, author of the book “Earning Freemasonry: A One Day Class Redemption” as they discuss the benefits and detriments…


Episode 59 – Masonic Funeral Services

  What happens when that time comes to shuffle off this mortal coil?  What will our Brothers do for us?  Find out this week at The Masonic Roundtable. Image Credit: Show Notes:


Episode 58 – What’s In It For Me?

This week, the hosts of The Masonic Roundtable discuss what they’ve gotten out of their involvement in Masonry, and what other brethren can look forward to as a part of this great fraternity. Image…

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Episode 57 – New Orleans Masonry

This week, the hosts of The Masonic Roundtable join special guest Michael Poll, owner of Cornerstone Book Publishers, to discuss the unique history of Freemasonry in New Orleans! Image Credit: (Creative Commons Licensed)…