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Military Lodge

Episode 29 – Military Lodges

Photo by Eric Jameson. Freemasonry is a global phenomenon, and that phenomenon includes the countless men serving their respective countries abroad. This week, the hosts of The Masonic Roundtable are joined by special guest...

Music & Masonry

Episode 28 – Music & Masonry

Photo by Carrie Idol-Richards. Licensed under Creative Commons. What role does music play in Freemasonry? Why do many lodges install an official lodge musician? Tune in to this week’s episode of The Masonic Roundtable...


Episode 26 – Cyber Lodge

Our panelists did something special this week. Tune in on Tuesday to hear about their adventures into Cyber-Masonry. Featuring special guest Nicholas Laine, Lodge Education Officer (LEO) of Castle Island Virtual Lodge No. 190!...


Bitcoin and the fraternity

The fraternity today has a dues problem, but in many ways it is actually a budget problem.  One way Lodges account for this is by taking any extra capital they may have and invest...


Episode 24 – Book Club

Image credit: This week, the panelists discuss their favorite (and maybe not so favorite) Masonic books.  Expand your masonic library with books that are well recommended! Show notes: Jason’s Recommendations  The Freemasons by Jasper...


Episode 23 – Lodge Etiquette

What are the “unwritten” rules when it comes to Lodge etiquette? How do different jurisdictions differ? Image credit: Show notes: Grand Lodge of Virginia Masonic Etiquette pdf Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania Masonic Etiquette pdf


Episode 22 – Masonic Conspiracies

This week, each panelist picks his favorite Masonic conspiracy theory and discusses how crazy it is! image credit: Show Notes: Bro. Charles Harper’s Petition Concerning Bogus Freemasonry NASA/Freemason Apollo Program Conspiracy Todd Creason:...


Episode 21 – ‘Murica

This week, the panelists discuss the influence Masonry had on the founding of the United States of America. Show Notes: Juan Sepulveda’s interview on The Winding Stairs with Bro. Joseph James, producer of The...