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Episode 21 – ‘Murica

This week, the panelists discuss the influence Masonry had on the founding of the United States of America. Show Notes: Juan Sepulveda’s interview on The Winding Stairs with Bro. Joseph James, producer of The...

Blue Man Group

Episode 19 – Affinity Lodges

This week’s discussion is on the concept of affinity lodges; or brethren assembling around common interests. Image credit: Show notes Great Introduction to Affinity Lodges Bro. Nick Johnson’s Guest Blog Post Against Affinity...

3 Masons

Episode 18 – Masonic Dads

This week the panelists share what it’s like to be a 21st century father and an active Mason.  Special guest Worshipful Brother Paul Chamberlin. Show Notes: Bro. Paul Chamberlin, Past Master – Greenleaf Lodge...


Episode 17 – Clandestine Masonry

This week the panelists discuss what the nuances of clandestine masonry and how to handle situations where matters of irregularity may arise. Photo credit: Show notes Bro. Charles M. Harper’s Website Freemasonry in...

Lodge Success Kid

Episode 16 – Lodge Success

  This week, the hosts of TMR discuss the landmarks of lodge success. Show notes Laudable Pursuit Observing the Craft: The Pursuit of Excellence in Masonic Labour and Observance


Episode 15 – Esoterics 101

This week, the hosts of TMR are giving an introduction to esoteric research and its merits.Photo credit: Sir-Robert JohnsonNote the later time! 10:30PM.  We had to give ourselves dispensation to move things back half...


Episode 13 – Mentoring

Where does mentoring fall within the fraternity? How should we mentor? How much? Find out on the next TMR. Show Notes Grand Lodge of Virginia Mentor Brochure