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Episode 45 – Aprons

You won’t want to miss this week’s show! We’re joined by TWO expert Masonic apron artists, our very own Juan Sepúlveda ( and special guest Patrick Craddock, of The Craftsman’s Apron (! Why do...


Episode 44 – Swedish Rite

This week, the hosts are joined by special guest Bro. Christian Christensen as they discuss the Swedish Rite of Masonry! Photo Credit: Jason Richards, taken at the Museum of Masonic Symbolism in Florence, Italy....


Episode 43 – Arithmetic

This week the Knights of The Masonic Roundtable channel their inner Pythagoras to discuss the role of arithmetic in Masonry and everyday life. Image credit: Show Notes: Hodapp book secret Code from Reddit...


Episode 42 – Youth Groups

Image Credit: Public Domain/Jason Richards Sit at the kids’ table this Thanksgiving while we talk about youth groups in Masonry. What do Walt Disney and Bill Clinton have in common? Find out this Tuesday!...


Episode 41 – Social Media

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons How should a Mason act online? This week, we will discuss online behavior, social media policies, and the men who act on them. Show notes:


Episode 40 – Academic Lodges

In a continuation of our Affinity Lodges episode, the panelists are joined by Scott Sherman, Past Master of the Boston University Lodge to discuss the Universities Scheme and Academic Lodges. Image Credit: Scott Sherman...


Episode 39 – Masonic Rings

Original air date: 2014-11-04 This week the panelists will discuss the variety and styles of Masonic rings, and how they have become a unique identifier of a Mason. Image credit: Show notes: Cliff...


Episode 38 – Memento Mori

Original air date: 2014-10-28 Image credit: For our Halloween episode, the Masonic Roundtable hosts discuss the symbolism of the skull.  Show notes: The Tyler’s Place Podcast


Episode 37 – The Commercialization of Masonry

The panelists discuss the growing commercialization of the fraternity and the pros and cons of the global, Masonic marketplace. Photo credit: Worshipful William Baumbach Show notes: Help WB Cliff Porter with his charitable campaign...


Episode 36 – Logic-al Fallacies

Original air date: 2014-10-14 This week, the TMR hosts expose the many logical fallacies that continue to be present in our culture. See how many you are aware of, or how many you’ve been...