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Episode 26 – Cyber Lodge

Our panelists did something special this week. Tune in on Tuesday to hear about their adventures into Cyber-Masonry. Featuring special guest Nicholas Laine, Lodge Education Officer (LEO) of Castle Island Virtual Lodge No. 190!...


Bitcoin and the fraternity

The fraternity today has a dues problem, but in many ways it is actually a budget problem.  One way Lodges account for this is by taking any extra capital they may have and invest...


Episode 24 – Book Club

Image credit: This week, the panelists discuss their favorite (and maybe not so favorite) Masonic books.  Expand your masonic library with books that are well recommended! Show notes: Jason’s Recommendations  The Freemasons by Jasper...


Episode 23 – Lodge Etiquette

What are the “unwritten” rules when it comes to Lodge etiquette? How do different jurisdictions differ? Image credit: Show notes: Grand Lodge of Virginia Masonic Etiquette pdf Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania Masonic Etiquette pdf


Episode 22 – Masonic Conspiracies

This week, each panelist picks his favorite Masonic conspiracy theory and discusses how crazy it is! image credit: Show Notes: Bro. Charles Harper’s Petition Concerning Bogus Freemasonry NASA/Freemason Apollo Program Conspiracy Todd Creason:...


Episode 21 – ‘Murica

This week, the panelists discuss the influence Masonry had on the founding of the United States of America. Show Notes: Juan Sepulveda’s interview on The Winding Stairs with Bro. Joseph James, producer of The...

Blue Man Group

Episode 19 – Affinity Lodges

This week’s discussion is on the concept of affinity lodges; or brethren assembling around common interests. Image credit: Show notes Great Introduction to Affinity Lodges Bro. Nick Johnson’s Guest Blog Post Against Affinity...