Episode 133 – African Lodge No. 1

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We’re spending some time delving into Prince Hall Masonic history! This week, the hosts of The Masonic Roundtable welcome special guest Bro. John L. Hairston, member of Harmony Lodge No. 2 under the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Washington and author of the book “Landmarks of our Fathers: A Critical Analysis of the Start and Origin of African Lodge No. 1,” as they discuss the origins of Prince Hall Masonry and the founding of the first Prince Hall Lodge. You won’t want to miss this episode!

Photo Credit: Records of African Lodge No. 459 in Boston, MA identifying members of African Lodge No. 1. Used with permission.

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  1. A much needed discussion.

  2. Anne Huffman says:

    Im glad to get this truth, it speaks more of the integrity of Bro. Hairston than PH Masons who resist the truths. Now if they can stop writing him as born in Barbados or the pseudo Photo/Image of Prince Hall. Great job Bro. Hairston.

  3. Reiss Byrd says:

    Love it!

  4. Abraham Lee says:

    There is an old Ethiopian proverb that says: “Truth and morning become light with time.”
    I am a proud Prince Hall mason. In April, I attended the biennial Reopening of African Lodge #459. It was a profound and moving experience, especially seeing the PH original charter for the first time. There is no question of its authenticity and prof of our regularity from the UGLE. Many of our American so-called mainstream Brothers would love to own one! Unfortunately, too many of them have also engaged in a Trump style birtherism when it comes to the PH pedigree. A number will grab at any straw to delegitimize our branch of this great fraternity.
    As far as I have heard so far, there is nothing in Bro. Hairston’s amazing research that diminishes the extraordinary legacy of the ” Immortal 15″. In fact, I have even more admiration and pride in their accomplishments and tenacity of purpose.
    Thank you Bro.Hairston! However, I would offer this caution:Pplease be careful as to how you share this discovery. I was a little uncomfortable with some of the comedic exchanges and commentary on the Masonic Roudtable show. I realize the format is supposed to be light-hearted and fun but it approached a bit of condescension regarding the topic. I’m glad you clarified the meaning of your work and set the revelations in better context at the end of the program. Otherwise, the listening audience was going to be left with the impression that the Prince Hall community is largely clandestine and irregular in 2016!
    Btw, I have ordered the deluxe version of the book and look forward to receiving it soon.

    • Jason says:

      Bro Abraham, please don’t construe our enthusiasm about Bro. Hairston’s research as light-hearted or comedic commentary. We’re truly excited about his scholarship–especially his analytic methodology–and what it means for Freemasonry in general. Any condescension that was inferred was certainly not implied. We’re all here to learn first and foremost. We applaud Bro. Hairston’s historical scholarship, and are indebted to him for taking the time to enlighten all of us with his research and its greater applications to Freemasonry universal. -Jason

  5. Reiss Byrd says:

    One I like to applaud My brother John Hairston, and the Masonic Round Table. Excellent job and well-organized show as always. One thing to note not all PHA brother speak for the audience. I like my brother Matthew Botts like to live on the right. I am reading the book and researching it on my own plus I see that considerable research was put into this book. To the facts of what I have read, and been following on my own for quite some time I am convinced and agree with his work. To close its time to unlearn what I have learned and go with what I feel and only me what is right and real.

  6. Bro Joseph L. Torres II says:

    Correction Bro John L. Hairston

  7. Keith Williams says:

    Great discussion! The story of the brothers seeking regularity is the big take away here. The brothers may have been duped into believing they were made Master Masons but upon review of themselves and what they learned they sought to become regular brothers. One of the brothers asked if there is a path for clandestine Masons to become regular brothers and I say yes!! Now I do understand Bro. Abraham’s assertion about the comedic relief on the topic. Since being raised in 1989 I’ve had to repeatedly explain and litigate for Prince Hall from brothers of a lighter hue. While I believe whole heatedly that ALL Prince Hall Masons need to hear this story; I also believe that brothers in ALL lodges need to hear it as well. This is a story as one of the brothers said about American history. I thank you for this roundtable, I am a fan!!!

    Bro. Keith A Williams Sr
    Metropolitan Lodge #146 Desoto, TX

  1. September 8, 2017

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