Episode 142 – Grand Annual Sessions and Communications


So what goes on in a Grand Lodge Annual meeting anyway? Can anyone attend? Are there rules or protocol? Can I buy some good swag? Find out this Tuesday as we unravel the jurisdictional differences between our Grand Lodge annual communications (or is it sessions?).

Image Credit: Kansas Lodge of Research

Show Notes:

Who’s met Edgar?

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Grand Lodge of KS/MWPHGLKS joint raising Friday, 19 November! (from fb)
Acacia Lodge Installation of Officers: Saturday, 3 December at 10:00AM. Event is up on TMR’s fb page. Will be streamed live! https://www.facebook.com/events/1843799535843450/

Want to sit in Lodge with me?  How about next Wednesday? burlingtonlodgewm@gmail.com to get masonically vetted and join me in a tyled Lodge on Nov 30th!

We’ve had a great repose from the CIVL part II episode

Grand Cryptic

80 lodges in 80 days terra Masonica
The movie


With which university was the first Shriners Hospital partnered?

Send responses to masonicmonday@gmail.com and include your answer, name, lodge name and number (if applicable) and #LasVegasGoldenKnights?. DO NOT post the answer to facebook or e-mail it to the TMR e-mail address.

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