Episode 150 – Masonic Symbolism in Doctor Strange

We’ve made it to episode 150! For this landmark episode, we’re combining pop culture and esoteric philosophy by discussing the symbolism present in the Marvel move “Doctor Strange.” Joining us for his first ever time on The Masonic Roundtable is special guest Frater O! Stay tuned! He’s not the only surprise we have in store…

Image Credit: Public Domain, Jason Richards (Graphic Creative Commons Licensed reuse no modification)

Show Notes:

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  1. Dan Gurzynski says:

    I was directed by my brother to listen to your show as I am a long time fan of Dr Strange and have some background. First, I needed to critique the audio, do you do any editing? So many umms, uhhs, blank pauses and the levels were all over the place! Sounded like you just got it in the can and published it with minimal attention! I do this kind of thing for a living so I know what can be done with even free software out there, if you bother. Next, there wasn’t really ‘MASONIC” symbolism although not being a mason maybe I just don’t know. Mason’s don’t own all mystical symbolism. I saw the movie and did like the literary references you made. I was surprised you were unfamiliar with it as I was reading Crowley, Alan Watts, Israel Regardie and Robert Anton Wilson in high school and college. Look them up. I would think this was your 10th podcast, not 150th. Oh well, keep up the good work.

  2. Daniel says:

    I thought I would send you a link to a website demonstrating what mystical states can actually be attained with sustained effort without the use of drugs. You might find it interesting. Te participants of this retreat were from the “pragmatic dharma” school of meditation.


    • Jason says:

      Thanks for the resources, Dan! The Masonic Roundtable is recorded live on YouTube every single week. Post-processing is minimal, so you get my stupid filler words. -Jason

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