Episode 156 – Ritual Memorization

Get ready to work on your memorization skills! This week, the hosts of The Masonic Roundtable share their best tips and tricks for learning Masonic ritual in order to give candidates the best initiatic experiences possible!

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  1. Ahmed Lotfy says:

    Hi 🙂
    I believe memorizing is not the only main issue here, everything with a begining, body and ending, everything with a main idea and purpose SHOULDN’T be very hard to memorize.
    Besides, for someone who LOVEs to hear songs, and watch plays and theatre over & over till he remembers every little detail, memorizing is not the only concern.
    Its PERFORMING that would be really hard to anyone to the extent that he would forget the whole thing … I don’t know …
    To me it just won’t be easy … that I am not quite sure it would even be applicable …

  2. Alex Madsen says:

    Great show, Brothers!

    My Lodge – Keith 23 in New Brunswick, Canada – talks about your webcasts at every Communication.

    We are grateful for your topics and what we glean from them.

    You have fans in the Great White North!


    Alex Madsen
    MM and Organist of
    Keith Lodge #23
    Moncton, NB

  3. Ken cohen says:

    In Ohio, there is a cypher ritual (as Mike speaks of). In addition, each district has a plain text ritual which the DDGM can take to the lodges

  4. Helio Da Costa says:

    Memorisation is something that is peculiar to Anglo-Saxon freemasonry only. In the rest of the world rituals are read from a binder. The advantage of it is that one cannot strays from the approved ritual and standardisation is achieved. I concur that what is important is the delivery of the words, not the memorising. I would much rather witness masonic work read but well presented than a sloppy memorised ritual, interrupted, breaking the continuity, with skipped words, going back because one forgot a sentence or two, etc. Rituals are read all over Europe, Africa, and in Latin America all the way from Mexico to Patagonia. Nevertheless, those reading must be conversant with the ritual, know the correct pronunciations and read with feeling.

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