Episode 157 – Masonic Trials

How does the old saying go? “Once a Mason, always a Mason?” Sometimes that’s not entirely true. In the rare case that a Mason has unbecoming conduct, how does the fraternity deal with his indiscretions in a fair and judicial manner? This week, we’ll talk about the jurisdictional differences in Masonic Trials.

Show Notes:

Paul Bessel’s page is back up!


Scottish Rite visitors claim they were secretly recorded in women’s restroom


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  1. Ahmed Lotfy says:


  2. Ed Potter says:

    The process of a Masonic trial is important. In particular where the west gate is not guarded as should be; the petition, the line signers and the committee of inquiry. The verbage of the craft of taking a good man and making him better has in some areas has been restated to taking any man and make him good as long as I get my grand lodge reward. If it wasn’t needed, then the trial wouldn’t be in the digest. Numbers are not a sign of quality.

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