Episode 160 – Ancients and Moderns?

This week we’ll talk about the Ancients and the Moderns…but not how you think! Be prepared to see how the differing philosophies are relevant in the fraternity even today! What school are you in?

Show Notes:

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  1. Matthew A. McIntosh says:

    Great Show Brethren! Just an FYI, I just reserved my room in the Residence Inn Alexandria Old Town/Duke Street for your 300 Celebration! Thanks for obtaining and getting a discount for all of us! Fraternally, Matt McIntosh

  2. Hank Peirce says:

    This was a top notch episode and I look forward to read the article. I agree with the idea of both/ and rather than either/ or. I have a question, are the differences class based, or culture based? Both of these “movements” have been around for at least a decade and although they started off the class/ culture neutral, over time do they represent different cultural view points?

  3. Jason says:

    Another great episode. My takeaway is you all agreed something needs to change for future survival however identified as Ancient. It’s like you all said, “I’m ancient, but…” Doesn’t more examples of “but” need to be the follow up episode?

    I agree with all of you that in ADD nation of today, Freemasonry shouldn’t cheapen out to be more convienent so it’s easier. Yeah, memorization is tough and the language is old but that’s what it is, period. It’s supposed to be tough and force introspection, not something to be mastered in 140 characters or less.

    Your previous episode about definition of supreme being is a good follow up episode for those who haven’t listened. In that episode, I feel that’s a fundamental change that could address modern ideal shift. Thanks guys. Great show.

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