Episode 161 – The History of Freemasonry in Russia

На этой неделе, мы поговорим об истории масонства в России и Великой Ложи России! Не пропустите!
Image credit: Jason Richards

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  1. Roman Segal says:

    Jason, Thank you so much for your Historic review of the Russian Freemasonry. I do wanted to know what prompted your interest in the your Russian studies. and if you every studies there physcally?

    • Jason says:

      Had a chance to do an immersive Russian study program in highschool, so I took the opportunity and never looked back! Sadly, I never had the opportunity to do any of my studies in Russia. -Jason

  2. Steven Kramer says:

    I was hoping to present this information at my next lodge meeting is their a PDF of the info anywhere to assist in doing so

    • Jason says:

      Hi Steven, unfortunately I don’t have a good, concise pdf of the information I presented. The information I presented was distilled from about four weeks of intensive research from over 30 sources, to include Russian-language websites. -Jason

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