Episode 173 – Tasting

And now to our fifth and final sense: Tasting! Bring your appetite to this savory episode!

Show Notes:
Shippensburg Freemason has likeness printed on Brazilian stamp

6 Responses

  1. Ed Potter says:

    Numbers in Masonry in not a problem, it is retention. Without addressing this problem, your going nowhere. It is quality , not quantity!!

  2. Ed Potter says:

    Brother Tom Jackson is a Brother of international recognition and his achievements can not be understated. May be compare to meeting an aide to Brtother George Washington ( Bro. Lafeyette).

  3. Jack Harley says:

    Consider the symbolic meaning of the flavors on the Seder plate at the Jewish Passover. The salt of the tears the bitter herbs all are described as tastes and those tastes become memories. For the same reason we are instructed to study music because like taste music effects us in a subliminal way.

  4. Andrew Merritt says:

    I love the show trust me. The negativity towards the Shrine is a little disappointing. The membership is very important to the Shrine as they lose voting rights and opportunities. I think the semantics get in the way and quality is certainly the most important. Yes, the York Rite can be unorganized, but that reason is the men involved, not the system which works no different than the Blue Lodge. I am less impressed with the Scottish Rite which has the most to offer but is now turning to videos. I have met men in the Shrine whom I consider great brothers and friends that I would have never met otherwise. These relationships are invaluable. When you are critical of the bodies, you essential are critical of brothers who are involved. There are issues in every facet of freemasonry, but it comes down to the leaders involved. /G\

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