Episode 174 – Lodge Officer Training Programs

Stationed officers are necessary for the operation and care of the lodge, but can we put just anyone in there? Even if they are willing, do they have the skills necessary to meet or exceed the quality of the Masonic experience your lodge is accustomed to? This week we’ll discover how various jurisdictions train their officers for success.

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  1. Alexander Madsen says:

    Greetings, Brothers

    Would you fine gentlemen consider a revisit to a discussion on Masonic Music? I am currently writing a book called “The Lodge Musician” which aims to standardize this role in Lodge while making it easier for Brothers to provide music in and out of Lodge for the Fraternity. I would gain a lot from further discussion from you.

    The book aims to improve chorale singing in Communication and Festive Boards while helping Lodge Musicians have a more clearly defined role as an officer. It also will feature sheet music adapted to stringed instruments – namely guitar – using early pieces retrofitted to be performed in an accessbile Celtic/Folk style.

    The book is well underway. I would be very grateful for input from such involved Brethren as you. I aim to bring music back to the forefront of Lodge meetings. I believe it to be a big part of Masonic Revival.


    Alex Madsen
    Keith 23
    Moncton, NB, Canada

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