Episode 175 – Guarding the West Gate

This week we’ll have the first(?) multi-brother masonic podcast crossover episode with a frank discussion on guarding the west gate. Brothers Eric Diamond and Jason Van Dyke from X-Oriente join us to share our thoughts on finding and keeping good men in the fraternity.

Show Notes:

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  1. Alexander Madsen says:

    I agree with the “Performance Improvement Plan” idea.

    I also agree that we need to stop obsessing about member retention / attraction.

    A move towards more Traditional Masonry in Blue Lodge will attract good men. That means improved Observance of time-honored traditions, such as attire, memory work, and conduct.

    The West Gate can be guarded better if we guard the West Gate of our minds. We must apply the same standards we require of candidates to our own thought processes.

    Freemasonry is one of the last bastions of careful consideration. We must remain so.

    – Alex Madsen, MM, Keith 23, Moncton, NB Canada

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