Episode 177 – Masonic Presentations: Do’s and Don’ts

Get ready to start working on your own Masonic educational programs! This week, the hosts of The Masonic Roundtable leverage Juan’s extensive Toastmasters experience to discuss the best practices and pitfalls of Masonic presentations!

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  1. Brother B. says:

    It is incredible to me, a French mason (Grande Loge de France), to hear through this podcast the way in which you hold meetings in the U.S. Our meetings rarely last less than 3 hours and we have one or two presentations during each meeting, usually on points of symbolism, from several EE, FC or MM. It is part of the normal work of a French mason. And this is in addition to performing the ritual, listening to the minutes, to miscellaneous announcements and to comments from brothers… You cannot progress to the next degree if you haven’t given at least two presentations.

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