Episode 178 – The Independent Order of Odd Fellows

This week, we’re diving deep into a fraternal organization that often gets confused with Freemasonry, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF)! We’re bringing back Bro. Seth Anthony, a member of the order, to lead us in the discussion of the roots of this fraternal order, and what it looks like today!

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Show Notes:



Albert Pike, Statues, History and Hysteria


Scottish Rite NMJ to Fund Removal of Albert Pike Memorial




3 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    Very disheartening to hear how many times the “deep south” was generalized

    • jonruark says:

      Rest assured that any and all criticisms of anything “Southern” is strictly on leadership and not on any brother in particular.

  2. Patrik says:

    Firstly; as a mason I absolutely love your show although it doesn’t always pertain to my jurisdiction (Sweden – Swedish Rite). But that said I learn a lot and thoroughly enjoy it. Now…

    You generally look around the world, quite informed, for your episodes but in this case you’ve focused mostly on the US where Odd Fellows are having issues that a lot of Europe and the rest of the world do not see. In Scandinavia the Odd Fellows in fact have a much larger membership as compared to Freemasonry… In Sweden it is in fact THE largest order.

    As a Swedish (rite) Freemason as well as a Swedish Odd Fellow I wish you would have included much more in this episode in the way of information from Europe and then especially Scandinavia.

    And when Br. Seth refers to a Swedish Odd Fellow gathering in a church as “I wanna say in Spain but it could be in Germany” I’m just insulted!

    You also did not even touch on the Encampment before you went to the
    “presentation” of the Commandery which is quite sad as you’ve missed a large part of what Odd Fellows has to offer.

    I look forward to a future episode on the same subject and would be very happy to participate if required.


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