Episode 187 – The Lodge Education Officer

Education should be so important that there should be a lodge officer dedicated to it. Oh wait, there is! This week join us and special guest Dave Bacon on the role of the Lodge Education Officer (LEO) and how to make that office awesome!

Show Notes:

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  1. Campbell Toohey says:

    Looking forward to watching live. As W.M., regular DDGM nights and District Mentor Chairman a night at home to watch is rare. Thank you so much for what you do and making available the podcasts.
    Campbell Toohey
    Rising Sun#85
    Athens, Ontario, Canada.

  2. I have a student learning his EA work currently.. He asks me a lot of questions that leave me to think at times he is is digging around online. Any advice on how to encourage patience, discouraging the online digging while at the same time? I found value personally learning all my work blindly.

  3. Rodney Epperson says:

    When I was LEO I liked to offer a way to look at applying Masonic lessons to everyday life thereby reinforcing Masonic teachings and in doing so feed the craft with knowledge everyday rather then just at a meeting.

    The position lends itself to such creativity. I loved that about it.

  4. *while at the same time keeping him from.being discouraged as Id hate for him to not ask questions/discussion relevant to what I am currently teaching (I apologize for.the incomplete comment Brothers)

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